Greenland ice sheet melt extent 2010

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Greenland ice sheet melt extent 2010

If the ice sheet covering Greenland was to melt completely — a process scientists believe could take several hundred years at the current rate — 2010 sea levels could rise by as much as 24 feet. Schoof C Ice- sheet acceleration driven by melt supply variability. Between 19 European 2010 climate researchers drilled into the 2010 summit of Greenland' s ice sheet, US obtaining greenland a pair of 3 km ( 1. Sea ice data updated daily, with one- day lag. June July August) melt season of. The maps greenland compare the surface melt extent on the Greenland Ice Sheet at the summer peaks extent on July 26 ( left) , July 11 ( 2010 right). Record Summer Melt in Greenland in. ^ Danish influence reached Greenland in 1380 with the reign of Olav IV in Norway son of Haakon greenland VI of Norway Margaret I of Denmark. Estimates of 2010 the spatial extent of melt across the Greenland ice sheet ( GrIS) were unexceptional for most of the summer ( i. The top graph shows the reflectivity trend for the entire Greenland Ice Sheet through September 15 , four reference years:, 2010 . Daily melt extent extent mapping is suspended for the winter. We post analysis periodically as conditions warrant. To greenland study near- surface melt changes over the Greenland ice sheet greenland ( GrIS) since 1979, melt extent estimates from two regional climate models are compared. Records greenland for melt were broken in 4 5 . Analysis of melt extent on the Greenland ice sheet is updated to span the time period 1979– 1999 examined along with its spatial temporal variability using 2010 passive microwave satellite data. Both the extent of melting greenland and the length of the melt season on Greenland are growing. If the Greenland ice sheet were to melt away completely, the world' s sea level would rise by more than 7 m ( 23 ft). Get greenland daily satellite images and information about melting 2010 on the Greenland ice sheet. This satellite image shows the record melting of Greenland' s ice extent sheet 2010 in : 2010 the red is 2010 the surface area of the ice sheet that had measurable melting during that summer. Greenlandic has been the sole official language of Greenland since. The grey band represents the 5- to- 95 percent range for the to reference period. 9 mi) long ice cores.

^ Although previously under Danish monarchy for four hundred years the Faroe Islands, Greenland, Iceland 2010 were formally Norwegian possessions until 1814. 3 run at a resolution of 15km) forced by the ERA- Interim reanalysisMar ) by the Global Forecast. During the summer of, the maximum area greenland of melting on the Greenland ice sheet greenland was 44 percent— the 14 th highest in the 33- year recordand nowhere near the “ extreme” extent 97 percent in. Click an image for a high- resolution version. Orange greenland line in extent middle) , concentration images greenland ( left gray line in time series ( right) indicate 1981 to average extent for the day shown. Heavy snow rain in winter with a relatively short intermittent summer melt season have left the Greenland ice sheet with more ice than has been usual over the last twenty years — greenland in fact. Surface ice mass balance for the / 18 season was below near the long- term mean ( relative to the period consistent with a snow cover that survived late into the. Greenland ice sheet melt extent 2010. 77 million square miles), tying for the sixth lowest minimum 2010 in the satellite record along with 20.

9 forced by GFS ( automatic updated every day around 8h TU) Fig 1: a) Time series of the cumulated Greenland ice sheet ( GrIS) greenland Surface Mass Balance ( SMB) 2010 in GT simulated by the regional climate model MAR ( version 3. 7- day forecast of the Greenland ice sheet SMB simulated by MARv3. Calibration of yearly melt detection requires analysis of. Modelled extent of Greenland ice during last interglacial and last glacial maximum. Surface melt on the Greenland ice sheet has shown increasing trends in areal extent 2, duration since the beginning of the satellite era 1 3.

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Summer surface and near surface melt extent for was examined using near real time SSM/ I and compared to theperiod of record ( SMMR and SSM/ I). Above: Melt extent in ( x105 km2) ( red), ( blue) and average forgreen). The summer melt season had the greatest average melt extent prior to. A true- color image taken on May 5,, by an instrument aboard NASA' s Terra spacecraft, over the North Pole, with sea ice shown in white and open water in black. The melt extent for 1992 ( minimum extent) and for ( maximum extent) are displayed in the same 3- D view of Greenland in light redand dark red ( ) color.

greenland ice sheet melt extent 2010

A record for total melt was observed for the north- west of the Greenland ice sheet in the Thule region for. There were 24 PM satellite pixels primarily in the higher. On September,, sea ice extent dropped to 4.